Harnois Greenhouses & Agricultural Buildings

Canada Grower, a division of StratCan Industries Inc., is pleased to supply Harnois greenhouses for your growing needs. Through StratCan Industries Inc. we are able to supply and install MegaDome Fabric Buildings to house livestock, farm produce and farm equipment.

We supply Canadian made and engineered Harnois greenhouses, cold frames and shade houses for your horticultural needs. We also supply irrigation and ventilation systems, replacement greenhouse cover materials and ground cover. Our greenhouses can be purchased or leased over several years, including all installation costs, to maximize your cash flow for your business. 

Ovaltech Favored by many growers, the gothic shaped Ovaltech series is the result of many years of research and testing. The Ovaltech represents the most versatile individual greenhouses and allows you to maximize productivity and usable space at an attractive price.

The Ovaltech offers more light, more crop area, and less cost.

Appreciated by many growers, the gothic shaped Ovaltech Series is the result of many years of research and testing. The Ovaltech is structurally sturdy, provides a quality growing environment for premium plants, and resists snow/ice accumulation. The Ovaltech Series maximizes productivity and usable space at a price few can match.

The latest model, the Ovaltech III, was launched in 1999. It features straighter sides formaximumgrowing capacity and minimum shadowing, and has higher light transmission than existing models in the Ovaltech Series. All of this at a lower cost per sq.ft. than the other models in this Series.


Ovaltech III has larger oval tubes (2"x3-9/13") which increases the span without reducing the loading capacity.
With no side roll ups there are curved purlins which allow snow shedding and any inside condensation to flow to the baseboard of the greenhouse.

Natural ventilation with side roll-ups for up to 300 feet long and up to 6 feet tall.  Optional peak vents or butterfly vents.

Top grade steel protection coating applied to greenhouse components which varies according to use and location.Coatings include: Gatorshield

Ovaltech I - 25', 27', 30',Ovaltech III -30', 32' and 40'

Nordique Its unique versatility combined with its durability and strength has contributed to its popularity. It is a fully interlocking system that allows for expansion in any direction, keeping pace with your company’s growth. The Nordique NG is a robust greenhouse, resistant to snow loads and wind, while maximizing available light to promote superior crop growth.

Cold Frames - A simple, productive solution for your plants, now available with a heavy duty configuration for greater durability in high wind conditions.

Shade House - An outdoor display area without compromising the comfort of your customers.

For Greenhouse or major heating or irrigation systems including Product Information & Pricing, please email us at info@CanadaGrower.com or call us toll free at 1-855-765-8999.

Canada Grower is a wholly owned division of StratCan Industries Inc.